Element/shower tray for tiled showers & wet rooms, Platospacio is a true Walk-in Shower, only needs 5 cm for a floor level installation.

Platospacio technical characteristics:
High density extruded polystyrene
140kg. m3
Size and maximum thickness140 x 90 x 5 cm
Compressive strength in 10% of crushing0.30 N/mm2
Rank of temperatures without causing deformation-50/+65º
Resistance to fire/ClassB1
Permeability to water and to water vapour

Characteristic of the surface and the perimeter waterproofing tape:
Blanke•DIBA is a waterproof no tear membrane that can be used in all the building surfaces which are dry and stable.
In addition to waterproofing, its strong fibre mixture is resistant to the mould, the degradation by chemical agents and even the destabilization by UV rays.

Technical characteristics of the siphon & water-drainage:
Great capacity of evacuation, with and without the syphon trap0.8 litres/second
Adjustable stainless steel Grid to match the thickness of the floor tiles14x14 cm.
Diameter of PVC outlet, designed for standard PVC tubes50 mm.

Recommendations for the tiles to use:
There are no restrictions with the size of the floor tiles to use, with the only exception of load by wheelchairs in which case the minimum size should be of 10 x 10 mm.


The size of Platospacio is of 90x140 cm. but it is possible to cut it to size and also to enlarge, it is only necessary to consider the inner falls and the perimeter waterproofing.