Blanke DIBA, waterproofing membrane

The Blanke DIBA membrane is a barrier to water and even to water vapour, is a safe and quick extendible waterproofing to the totality of the bathroom floor and even the walls of the showers or humid zones.

Ideal for waterproofing Turkish baths, saunas etc. It can be used with any finishing material, ceramics, stone, vinyl, wood, etc.

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Antiskid Spray
SLIP 500, quick & effective antiskid treatment

• Inmediate use of the floor, the shower or treated bathtub.
• It does not alter the treated surface and it's environment friendly
• Security for the elderly and children.
• Antiskid guarantee superior to years.

• Clean the floor tiles, the bathtub or the shower. Dry totally and eliminate any rest of adhesives.
• Using gloves, pulverize SLIP - 500, at the floor, bathtub or shower. Extend uniformly with a sponge, in circular movements and leave for 2 or 3 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. The bathroom floor, bath or shower will become ANTISLIP for at least 10 years!

20 cl. bottle with pulveriser (up to 2 sqm). It doesn't work on vinyls, bathtubs or showers made of polyester, P.V.C or plastic.